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What Are You Looking At?

When I’m training and coaching sales reps and sales leaders, I seldom teach them anything completely new. Sure, there is nuance to what I teach. It’s a little more human, a little less automated. And yes, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of what you’re selling and who you are leading. Most understand that the difference between success and failure is not about magic, or a silver bullet.

What are these top reps, these top leaders, looking at? They’re focusing and refocusing on the fundamentals.

Success is a matter of focus, of focusing and refocusing on what matters most. Success is about returning to your fundamentals.

Sure, it’s fun to say that social selling, challenger selling, gap selling, whatever selling is the new way to connect with the modern buyer, and that those principles applied to leadership is the key to connecting with the modern sales rep, and I don’t disagree. But they aren’t enough if you don’t focus on your fundamentals.

To me, the fundamentals are this:

Be present. Listen. Stay curious. Ask “and what else” (thanks Michael Bungay Stanier). See if there’s a need. Understand the impact of doing nothing. Of making the change. Fill the need – or direct them to someone, or something, that can help them fill a need. Help them get what they want. Follow up until the solution is complete. See if you can help someone else.

Do the work, the fundamentals. Over and over and over again.

How you do those may be different. Software. Hardware. Consulting. Coaching. However you do what you do, those are the things you do.

I know if you do those things, you will win more than you lose. You will close more business, you will help more sales reps, you will solve more problems, than if you do something new and fancy.

Feeling lost? Not getting the results you want?

Stop where you are, and lock in. Refocus on your fundamentals.

Then get back to work.

Want more proof that a focus on your fundamentals matter? Listen in or watch the conversation I had this week with former Yankees coach Dana Cavalea.

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