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Build the Foundations for Business Success

You’ve probably already had an energetic speaker come into your company or association. Or you hired a well-known name. They showed you – and you’ve tried – all the gimmicks. But you get the same results once the sales team heads back into the office.

You don’t need more hype and hoopla. What your team really needs is good content. Content that works well, and works fast.

Like sales training on technology that will actually help you be more productive. Or learning modern selling techniques that helps your sales team fill their pipeline. Or helping your leaders lead more effectively.

Although Phil delivers a motivating, energetic keynote that captivates the audience, he also knows how to get people to take action when they get back to their desks, implementing new sales techniques, leadership strategies and cutting-edge technologies that lead to lasting results.

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Modern Selling Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions & Custom Training Programs

All programs can be delivered in person, virtually or to a hybrid audience.

Ready to power up your team and propel them into the current century – and hey, maybe even get
ahead of the curve? My customized programs below are perfect for associations looking to provide their
members with or small businesses with sales teams that need cutting-edge modern solutions that will
help them get more business, develop a process for repeat business, fill their pipeline, and master
modern tech tools that make them more productive and lead more effectively.


High Tech Selling in a
High Touch World

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, sales professionals face new challenges in reaching and connecting with clients. In this keynote speech, we will explore the importance of high touch selling in a high tech world, and how sales professionals can leverage technology to build strong relationships with clients.

We will discuss the latest research highlighting the importance of high touch selling in today’s market. We will also provide practical tips and strategies for incorporating high touch selling into your sales approach, including how to build genuine connections with clients, use technology effectively, and prioritize service over sales.

Attendees will leave this program with a deeper understanding of the importance of high touch selling in a high tech world, and an understanding of how to leverage the tools and techniques you need to succeed in today’s sales environment.

The Art (and Science) of Referrals: Stop cold calling and start earning more referrals and warm introductions

Ideal audience: Sales reps and business owners who have established relationships or who want to build a referral based business

Developing a referral-based business may seem challenging, but with the right mindset and techniques, it can be the most rewarding strategy to gain new clients and elevate your business. It’s about leveraging your existing relationships, not as mere sales prospects, but as a network of opportunity that extends far beyond the immediate connection. This approach not only nurtures and respects your relationships but also invites an environment of mutual support and business growth. If you’re a sales rep or a business owner aiming to cultivate a referral-based business, understanding the art and science behind referrals is crucial. Warm introductions can be more impactful than any cold call could ever hope to be, and they can propel your business forward in ways you may not have previously thought possible.

Phil Gerbyshak’s “The Art and Science of Referrals” offers a deep dive into the world of referrals, demonstrating how they are not just an aspect of good business but a craft to be honed. His approach is rooted in the belief that effective networking isn’t just about expanding your contact list; it’s about creating meaningful connections. The key lies in understanding the value that you offer and the value that others can bring. By developing a sincere interest in your contacts and their needs, you can begin to see how your services can genuinely assist them. This process fosters trust and can potentially unlock a vast network of referrals.

Mentality & leadership

Instant Happiness Boosters to Put the Joy Back in Your Work

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of joy and inspiration with Phil Gerbyshak’s dynamic presentation: “Instant Happiness Boosters: Sparking Joy in Your Organization!”

Phil Gerbyshak, renowned speaker and happiness expert, will lead you on a journey through happiness like never before. With his vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm, Phil will unpack the science of happiness and demonstrate how you can instantly elevate your mood, even on the most challenging days.

Get ready to learn, laugh, and leave with a whole new perspective on happiness in action. With a mix of storytelling, real-world examples, and interactive activities, Phil will show you how to turn your work into a powerhouse of positivity. 

Modern Leadership Model: Helping leaders at every level

Ideal audience: leaders at any stage of their career

Phil Gerbyshak’s program is a transformative experience designed to empower leaders in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired over a remarkable career that has spanned various industries, Gerbyshak brings a unique perspective to the table. His extensive experience in both high-tech and high-touch businesses, ranging from Main Street to Wall Street, gives him valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that leaders face in the modern world.

Through this program, attendees will be inspired by Gerbyshak’s infectious passion for leadership. He has a knack for igniting motivation and driving individuals to reach their full potential. Drawing from his own experiences, he shares powerful anecdotes and practical strategies that resonate with participants, leaving them feeling energized and ready to tackle any obstacles that come their way.

Moreover, Gerbyshak recognizes the importance of equipping leaders with the necessary skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern leadership. He understands that traditional approaches may not always suffice in today’s rapidly changing business world. As such, his program provides attendees with cutting-edge tools and techniques that are relevant and effective in the current environment. From leveraging technology to fostering authentic human connections, Gerbyshak empowers leaders to adapt and thrive in the face of constant change.


Pocket Productivity: Supercharge your productivity with the latest tools, tactics and techniques

In today’s fast-paced world, maximizing productivity is critical to the success of your business or personal life. One of the most influential productivity-enhancing tools lies right in your pocket: your smartphone. The technological power of these small devices is nothing short of astounding – it’s often pointed out that they possess more computational capability than was needed to send a man to the moon. But, the power of this technology means little if it is not leveraged properly. Too often, these devices are reduced to mere distractions or, at best, expensive paperweights due to a lack of understanding on how to optimally utilize their functions.

Yet, the key to unlocking your pocket’s productivity potential is not necessarily chasing after the latest and greatest tech developments. Instead, it’s about strategically using the tools you already have. The key lies in recognizing that the most up-to-date device does not necessarily equate to the most productive one. Every update or new piece of technology comes with a learning curve and a time cost, often leading to the paradoxical result of technology designed to increase productivity actually reducing it. Rather than becoming a servant to your device, learning to harness its power can transform you into its master. This can lead to not only personal growth but also increased profitability and efficiency for your business.

Pocket productivity is a tactic that can help you turn your business around. When you harness the power of the tools at your disposal, you allow yourself to focus on running your business rather than having it run you. The key is to be aware of the range of productivity apps, organization tools, and communication platforms available. Exploring these can enable you to streamline operations, improve organization, and increase communication within your team. This doesn’t mean you should download every app that promises efficiency, but rather, select the ones that best align with your work style and business needs. With the right approach, you can transform your pocket-sized device into your most valuable asset, enhancing your role as a key player in your business team.

AI-Powered Sales Transformation: Empowering Small and Mid-Size Businesses

In the fast-paced business landscape, small and mid-size businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Join us for an inspiring program where renowned speaker Phil Gerbyshak will unveil the transformative power of AI for sales operations, equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools to supercharge their business growth.

During this engaging 45-90 minute presentation, Phil Gerbyshak will dive deep into the world of AI and its potential for small and mid-size businesses. He will explore a wide range of AI tools and applications, providing attendees with valuable insights on how to leverage AI effectively in their sales operations. By the end of the program, participants will leave with a curated list of 10 or more cutting-edge apps to consider adding to their tech stack.

Phil will share practical examples and case studies, demonstrating how AI can help manage and predict customer behavior, identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, automate repetitive tasks, and improve forecasting accuracy. Attendees will discover the transformative capabilities of AI and learn how to harness its power to optimize their sales processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

Throughout the program, Phil will introduce attendees to a plethora of AI-powered tools and platforms. From Jasper, InstaText, Tavus, and Lavender to Winn.AI, Otter, and many more, participants will gain valuable insights into the diverse range of AI solutions available. Phil will provide an overview of each tool, highlighting their unique features and benefits, enabling attendees to make informed decisions about adding them to their tech stack.

Whether you are a sales manager, a marketing professional, or a business owner, this program offers a unique opportunity to discover how AI can revolutionize your sales operations. Join us and learn from Phil Gerbyshak, an esteemed expert in sales and marketing, as he shares actionable strategies and real-world examples of leveraging AI effectively in small and mid-size businesses.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening session designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage AI for sales transformation. Bring Phil in to unlock the potential of AI in YOUR business, ensuring your small or mid-size business thrives in the era of digital transformation. By the end of the program, you’ll have a comprehensive list of 10 or more AI apps to consider integrating into your tech stack, propelling your business towards greater profits and success.

Modern Selling Keynotes & Training Programs

Ready to power up your team and propel their sales tactics into the current century – and hey, maybe even get ahead of the curve? My customized programs below are perfect for sales associations looking to provide their members with or small businesses with sales teams that need cutting-edge modern sales solutions that will help them get more business, develop a process for repeat business, fill their pipeline, and master modern sales and social selling.


Modern Selling Essentials

This is the most helpful information you can get your hands on if you want to improve productivity, increase profitability, and enhance performance – using low-cost or no-cost modern selling tools

The Art of Referrals

The ultimate step-by-step how-to guide to building a business through referral selling.

Sales Leadership Jumpstart

Learn how to better embrace social media to attract the right sales professionals to your company, manage your team, and increase retention.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Jumpstart

A comprehensive how-to guide for leveraging the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. No salesperson should be without this incredibly powerful tool.


Pocket Profitability

Learn how to run 90% of your business from your smartphone to increase your productivity and profitability – and get your life back!

Modern Selling Essentials

This is the most helpful information you can get your hands on if you want to improve productivity, increasing profitability, and enhance performance – using low-cost or no-cost modern selling tools

Power Selling With LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn to leverage leads, ask for referrals, and grow your business faster.


Podcasting Profitability Playbook

Harness the marketing power of a podcast. Learn the tools and techniques you need to start your own podcast and ensure that it’s profitable.

Create Your Content Wheel

Content creation can be the most time consuming part of your work. But what if you had a wheel to help you create content quickly and efficiently, as well as offered ways you could repurpose the content you’d already created into pieces of content for all your various channels.

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