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How do you get to where you are going?

It’s the end of the month. The end of the quarter. Half of the year is over.


And so what!?!

Today can be just another day – or it can be the start of something amazing.

What’s the difference?

Where you want to go – and where you are right now – and that’s it.

Let’s start with where you want to go.

Pick up a map. Or better, open any Maps program on your phone. I happen to like Google Maps.

The first thing to put in is where you’re going. For me, that’s often enough to get me excited. I search by name of place, or by city, and I poke around a bit. Maybe I pull up the location’s website, their reviews, or some photos. It gets me thinking about where I am headed, and focused on it.

And if that were all I needed to do to get somewhere, travel would be easy. It’s not.

I also have to think about where I am starting from. Choose Starting Point.

That’s where I am right now – or where I want to start from if it isn’t right here or right now.

If I want to do something in the future, then I have to think hard about where I will be then. And that leads to uncertainty for me, and often inactivity.

I also don’t worry about the weather, or road conditions, or about anything else that might slow me down. My wife on the other hand checks what the weather is going to be this afternoon and frets about it. I love her anyway.

I just start moving in the direction of where I want to go, from where I am right now. For me, it’s better that I focus on right now, and then just get moving towards my destination.

Why don’t I look back and review where I’ve been? Why don’t I worry about the weather? Or detours?

Because Google Maps, will adjust and course correct if things are different when I’m on my trip.

And because I know my internal GPS will course correct along the way, and there’s no sense creating a Plan B that might never come.

The biggest key is to JUST GET GOING on the trip. Set the destination, figure out where you are RIGHT NOW and JUST GET GOING!

If you’re not willing to just get going, then plan out the first mile of your trip, and then get going, because the scenery, the journey, is going to change. Too many plans for what might never happen, too many thoughts about what the weather is going to be like this afternoon, is just a distraction.


Make it a GREAT second half of the year!

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