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Check out the resources below to help you build the foundational skills you need in technology, marketing and sales in order to succeed in modern selling.

Connected: High Touch Sales and Leadership in a High Tech World

It’s estimated that in 2022, 333.2 billion emails will be sent per day (source), 6 billion texts are sent each day (source), and 147 minutes per day are spent on social networking sites (source) – and yet many people report feeling more disconnected than ever from their friends, their family and even their pets. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more popular in sales organizations, with the Salesforce State of Sales Report finding high performing teams are 4.9x more likely to be using AI than underperforming ones – and yet sales teams are still not reaching quota.

And consumers are certainly not enamored of all this automation. Phone trees, chat bots on websites and technology that has people wanting more. There is more information at your prospects’ fingertips than ever before – and yet they feel more disconnected than ever.

How can you get connected with your target prospects, favorite referral sources and reconnect with your favorite customers to replicate them into more? Connected: High Touch Selling in a High Tech World is the only program for you. It’s a process you can use to prospect and create and deepen relationships that earn you that all important appointment – and ultimately close the sale!

Modern Selling Courses

The Flagship Modern Selling Course is Simplified Sales Success, with special courses just for financial advisors, insurance professionals, and speakers.

Courses include sessions on:
Create and Display Your Personal Brand
Build Your Pipeline
The Art of Referrals
The Content Wheel

There are also courses on and coaching available for Social Selling Essentials, Video Selling Essentials and Rapid Content Strategy.

Connected: The Sales + Leadership Show

How can we get connected to our prospects, customers, friends and family in meaningful ways when tech is making us feel more and more disconnected? Join sales speaker, sales trainer and pinball wizard Phil Gerbyshak as he goes on a quest to find the secrets of modern selling today. Phil will talk with the best practitioners, the most insightful experts and everyone else to help you and your team get connected and help you sell more effectively, more efficiently and ultimately, to rediscover why you went into sales, with lessons, tips and tricks to help you succeed in today’s modern sales world.

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