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Run Toward the Roar with John Robertson

John R. Robertson did as he kept seeing people reacting to issues after the fact. When a “roar” happens in life there are normal fight, flight, freeze, and appease reactions but what would happen if we ran toward the roar instead of merely reacting?

Instead of treating roars, storms, or crises as something to react to or try to avoid, we can plan for them so that we respond instead of reacting. Sometimes the theme of resilience, well-being, and thriving becomes so clinical, theoretical, or pie-in-the-sky that it is not practical or helpful. Like so many educational approaches, oftentimes the approach tends to be a transfer of information rather than transformation.

Run Toward the Roar reframes thriving and resilience to find and focus on what you love so that you will be faithful and loyal, regardless of the roars that cross your path.

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