Sales and Leadership Insights

The Hero Factor with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Host: Phil Gerbyshak
Guest: Jeffrey Hayzlett
Topic: Exploring Leadership, Strategy, and Listening in Business

Timestamps & Topics Covered:
[0:02] Leadership, Strategy, and Listening in Business
Jeffrey Hayzlett emphasizes the significance of listening and strategic thinking.
Introduction of Hayzlett’s book “The Hero Factor” and its guiding principles: automate, delegate, and eliminate.
[2:41] Leadership, Values, and the “Hero Club”
Phil Gerbyshak’s experience with billionaire Rob Ryan and the Hero Club.
Rob Ryan’s story: selling his company for $24.6 billion and starting the Hero Club.
Phil Gerbyshak’s journey to joining and leading the Hero Club.
The definition of hero leaders and their value-centric approach.
[8:18] Hero Companies and Their Values
The concept of “hero factors” in business.
The balance between operational excellence and strong values.
The importance of aligning leadership perception with employee perspectives on company values.
[11:16] Company Values and Leadership
Discussion on what values make companies stand out.
An example involving Starbucks and its community values.
Discussion on the values of Howard Schultz and Cathy True.
Debate on personal beliefs and business operations.
[15:26] Values, Picking Sides, and Company Stance on Laws
The challenge of aligning company values with laws and community practices.
Example of Starbucks’ stance on gun ownership.
The dilemma of immutable values versus societal impact.
[18:02] Picking Sides and Taking Hard Positions in Business
Jeffrey Hayzlett’s viewpoint on the necessity for businesses to pick a side.
Phil Gerbyshak’s agreement, with REI as a case study.
Jeff’s involvement with a Hispanic media company and his perspective on representing underserved communities.
[23:44] Leadership, Values, and Culture in a Business Setting
The significance of aligning with company values for career progression.
The role of employees in championing company values.
[26:25] Building Culture and Leadership with Jeffrey Hayzlett
The influence of mood and cadence in establishing company culture.
Tips for improving workplace atmosphere and company success.
The importance of a strong personal brand in business.
Invitation to take the “Hero Factor” quiz on Jeffrey Hayzlett’s website.

Closing Remarks:

A summary of key insights from Jeffrey Hayzlett.
Encouragement to explore and implement the discussed leadership and value principles.
Reminder to visit the website for the “Hero Factor” quiz and additional resources.


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