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The Secret to Doing More Today

Stop doing the one thing that’s preventing you from doing more right now

What’s the secret to doing more today?

The secret is to stop making to do lists!

I’m not saying stop doing things. I am saying stop making to do lists.

If it’s important to you to get done, put it on your calendar. Block the time, enough time to get it done, and then do it.

Right now, stop what you’re doing and write this down.

What are the top five or six things that you need to do every day to grow your business?

You might need to prospect for new business, build relationships, create some content, make some phone calls, you do some follow ups or create some proposals.

And there’s little those little annoying things that you have to do, but you don’t really love to do. You might need to complete an expense report, you might need to check with someone in the office that’s responsible for something.

Or follow up with the designer on something that they created. Maybe you have a project you were counting on somebody outside the organization to do.

Or maybe you need to send an email out at 8 PM today.

Whatever it is, instead of making a to do list, add it to your calendar. I find that when I calendar stuff, it actually gets done. And when I just added it to my to do list – well – eventually -maybe – I’ll kinda get around to it.

Remember – if it’s important to you, it should be on your calendar! Take time to block the time, and make it happen.

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