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Take The Imperfect Action

Recently I spoke with a former coaching client turned friend who let me know my advice was the impetus for him actually enjoying making sales calls. Imagine that – actually enjoying doing the hard work! I’m super happy for him, because if he didn’t make any calls, he wouldn’t have any business.

When we talked about how he did it, he shared (and I’m paraphrasing) “I had waited long enough to make calls. So I hired you, we made a game plan and an outline of the conversation and then I got started. I took the imperfect action. I did it often, and as I did it more often, I got better at making the calls. And now that I’m better, I actually enjoy making sales calls.”

Maybe you don’t need to make sales calls. Maybe you need to do more video. Maybe you need to make your first, or another, LinkedIn post.

You can do it!

Take the imperfect action and just get started. In time, with practice, you’ll get better. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn to like doing it. And even if not, maybe, just maybe, it’ll be good enough to catch the eye of someone who needs what you do.

Get started!

Take your first of many imperfection actions today.

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