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Lighting Up the Path

It’s not often that words capture the very essence of one’s life philosophy. When I first read George Bernard Shaw’s passage about the “true joy in life,” I felt as though someone had articulated the framework that had long been coursing through my veins.

This ethos—that my life is not merely for my own benefit, but rather serves as a torch passed down to light the way for others—sits at the core of everything I do.

George Bernard Shaw calls out an inconvenient truth: many people live life as “a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances.” They operate under the misconception that the world somehow owes them happiness.

This mindset turns life into an unending quest for self-fulfillment, where each new achievement or material possession loses its sheen almost as quickly as it’s acquired. It’s a never-ending cycle that saps us of energy and leaves us frustrated.

In stark contrast, Shaw illuminates the joy derived from being “used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.” The emphasis here is twofold.

First, the purpose must be recognized by yourself. It’s not a purpose dictated by society, your parents, or anyone else. This is your own calling, something you identify with so deeply that it almost seems to be a part of your DNA.

Second, this purpose is not trivial—it’s a “mighty” one. It’s a purpose that serves the greater community, a lofty goal that extends beyond oneself.

Now, let’s pivot to Steve Farber’s wonderfully crisp maxim: “Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do.” Farber’s idea marries passion with utility. When you’re doing what you love, the energy is not a finite resource that depletes, but an ever-renewing wellspring. You feel alive.

And when this love and vitality are directed toward serving others, especially those who appreciate and benefit from your unique gifts, you reach an unparalleled state of fulfillment.

Isn’t that the goal?

To have our day-to-day actions be a mirror reflection of our most deeply held values? It’s what I aim for every single day, whether I’m working as a Sales and Process Consultant, crafting strategies, or enjoying a pinball game. Each experience serves as a building block in the grand architecture of a life well-lived.

A life spent in service to a larger cause brings its own rewards: a sense of accomplishment, the respect and gratitude of others, and a lasting impact that survives long after we’re gone.

But there’s something else, too. These philosophical stances on life do more than guide us; they also energize us. They fill us with a fire, an enthusiasm that turns routine tasks into powerful milestones and mundane days into stepping stones toward greater goals.

That’s the rocket fuel that powers me toward my aspirations: reaching a million people with my message, writing a best-selling book, and even perhaps driving that dreamy lava orange Porsche one day. I see each goal not as an endpoint but as a vibrant, crucial part of a journey that I hope will inspire future generations to embark on their own.

The challenge, then, is not just to find what you love, but to find what you love that also serves a greater good. That’s where the “mighty purpose” comes in. It’s about aligning personal passion with collective need. In that sweet spot lies not just happiness, but joy—a joy that’s rooted not in taking but in giving, not in consuming but in contributing.

And so, in the spirit of these guiding quotes and with a touch of my own flair, I offer you this original mantra:

“Be the blazing torch that lights the way, fueled by love and purpose, so that when you pass it on, it burns even brighter in the hands of the next.”

Live it, breathe it, and pass it on. This is my life’s purpose. And every day presents a new opportunity to burn just a little brighter.

Have you found your life’s purpose? Do you have a quote that lights you up? I’d love to learn about it.

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