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How to Beat The Algorithms!

All too often I am seeing people copy and paste some status update (or someone tells me privately) something like this: “I wish the algorithms would stop changing. My posts keep getting buried.”


The algorithms are NEVER going to stop changing. As soon as people figure the algorithms out, they have to change them, or they’d be getting gamed and would likely lose money (and you’d lose interest).

Instead of complaining about it, you instead go and visit 100 of your Connections’ walls. Make a list of those 100 people, and split them up into groups of 20, so you can do this over a week.

Look in their activity and posts for something they DIDN’T copy and paste, and leave a meaningful comment on it. And if someone does this to you, leave a meaningful reply to the comment. For those unfamiliar with this practice, it’s called “conversation” and you can do it in real life too if someone talks to you.

I never see the same people on the various social media platforms because I do my best to visit and connect with the connections that matter most to me.

Overwhelmed with where to start?

Start by looking at your Notifications and see who has a birthday, a job change, got promoted or is celebrating an anniversary. Leave a comment on a post about why they are your connection, why you value them, or your favorite memory of them.

Can’t leave a meaningful comment on someone’s birthday/anniversary/job change?

You may want to reconsider the fact you are friends and connections at all. I give people a few years to impact me, then I unfriend them on Facebook and often disconnect from them on LinkedIn. For extra impact, I also look to see who are the friends in common and I ask myself the same question: have I made a meaningful connection with this person. If I want to start a new relationship, or keep the relationship alive, I will also send them a private message and schedule a Zoom video call or a phone call so we can have a meaningful conversation before their next birthday/anniversary/job change.

It takes work. All good relationships do.

Give this a try. Let me know what you think.

And happy kicking that algorithm’s butt!

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