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Happy AF: A Dr. Seuss Inspired Guide to Finding Joy

Oh, hello there my friend,

I see you’re feeling blue,

But fear not, my dear,

I know just what to do!

You want to be happy,

And happy you shall be,

But it won’t just happen,

You need to take some glee.

First, start with the basics,

Like getting enough rest,

A good night’s sleep,

Is truly the best.

Then, don’t forget,

To eat a healthy meal,

Your body needs fuel,

To help you feel real.

Now, let’s get moving,

And shake off that funk,

Exercise is key,

To feeling like a hunk.

You don’t have to run,

Or lift heavy weights,

Just get up and move,

And don’t hesitate.

Next, let’s focus,

On the people around,

Connecting with others,

Will help you rebound.

Find some good friends,

Or family so dear,

And spend some time,

To bring you some cheer.

Last but not least,

Let’s focus on you,

Do something you love,

And you’ll feel brand new.

Whether it’s reading a book,

Or dancing in the rain,

Find what brings joy,

And do it again and again.

So my dear friend,

I hope you can see,

Happiness is within,

And it’s easy as can be.

Just take care of yourself,

And connect with the rest,

And you’ll be happy AF,

Feeling your absolute best


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