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Get more out of the books you read

I get it. We’ve all been there: We devour an insightful book, promise ourselves that we’ll put its lessons into action, and then… life happens. That book ends up forgotten on a dusty shelf, its insights neglected. The problem isn’t the book; it’s how we engage with it. Vinh Giang, a renowned speaker and communications expert, offers a game-changing solution. It’s elegantly straightforward: As you read each chapter, commit to writing down one specific action you’ll take. That’s it—a single, actionable step for every chapter you absorb.

From Knowledge Acquisition to Real-World Application

We’ve been conditioned to focus on acquiring knowledge. We memorize, we take tests, and then we move on. But the same doesn’t have to apply to our reading habits. I’ve taken communication expert and keynote speaker Vinh Giang‘s advice to heart. The shift from mere knowledge acquisition to knowledge application is exhilarating, like upgrading your intellectual OS.

The Science Behind the Method

There’s a reason why this approach is so effective. First, the act of writing down commitments increases your chances of actually following through. Second, distilling a chapter down to a single actionable step makes the theory-to-practice transition almost seamless. It takes nebulous concepts and transforms them into concrete actions, bridging the gap between understanding and doing. It’s about the power of incremental change—small actions that, when compounded, can result in transformative outcomes.

My Orange Notebook Strategy

Speaking of notebooks, what color is yours? Mine is bright orange—a lively hue that screams action and enthusiasm. Every time I open it, I’m reminded of the commitments I’ve made. The notebook isn’t just a place for me to jot down thoughts; it’s a tangible record of my journey towards becoming a better version of myself.

Are You In?

So here I am, orange notebook in hand, ready to embrace this new way of reading. And I have to ask: are you in? This is more than just a reading challenge; it’s a life challenge. It’s about taking the wisdom we acquire from books and actively putting it into practice. By doing so, we’re not just flipping through pages; we’re flipping the script on how we absorb and apply knowledge.

As Vinh Giang so aptly puts it, it’s not the book that changes your life—it’s what you do with it that counts. So, are you ready to turn each chapter into an actionable step toward a better you? Grab that notebook, choose your next read, and let’s make every chapter a stepping stone to greatness!

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