Sales Coaching

Get Dressed Before You Get Busy.
Who You Are Is More Important Than What You Do.
Always Be Connecting.
Service Before Sales.
Value Over Volume.

Those are some of the core tenets of Phil’s sales coaching programs, and those are the things Phil coaches financial advisors, insurance agents, and other service-minded professionals.

Customized sales coaching for service-minded professionals who want to quickly harness the power of modern selling tactics and tools to be more productive and profitable in a one-on-one setting.

Master Sales In A Modern World

As your sales coach, I’ll work with you one on one to create a coaching program to build your sales skillset for the modern world. Because everyone is unique, I don’t do cookie-cutter coaching programs. Instead, we’ll work together to create a program that will teach you the foundational tools you need to master modern selling.

These may include the following components:


Content Strategy
Content Implementation
Social Research




Social Media Profiles
Learning Tools
LinkedIn Success

Most clients find meeting 2-4 times a month for up to 60 minutes per call, for 6 months, gives them the best results, though some clients keep Phil on retainer for years.

What People Are Saying

Building Your

Customized Coaching


Building Your Customized Coaching Package

Imagine how custom sales coaching could help you achieve your goals. Imagine no longer struggling to have conversations or wonder if you’ll be left behind in the modern age. With custom sales coaching, we’ll build you a specific set of tools to master modern selling and help you become confident that you’re moving in the right direction. Follow the steps below to build your coaching package.

Step 1

Reach out and book a call with me.

Step 2

We’ll go through a needs assessment.

Step 3

We’ll build out a customized coaching package.

Step 4

You commit to investing your time and energy into the program. I commit to providing you with all of the tools, tips and techniques you need to grow.

Step 5

Work through your program to become more productive and profitable.

Step 6

Enjoy being the envy of all your sales colleagues and friends!
I typically recommend meeting 2-4 times a month for 60 minutes per call, over 6 months to see results.

FREE LinkedIn Profile Report Card

How good is your LinkedIn profile? Here are the top elements that will help you stand out! After you get the LinkedIn Profile Report Card, you’ll get Phil’s weekly Connection Chronicles, packed with tips, tactics and apps you can use to get ahead of your competition and stand out to your prospects and customers.